Artist Statement

Growing up in a carpenter’s shop has given me a great respect and ultimately a longing to create and work with my hands. Printmaking and drawing satisfy my craving for tactile connection and physicality that allows me to work through ideas naturally.

I strive to connect with the Universal in my work, drawing on concepts that all people can understand and relate to. I want my work to be the common denominator in the gallery rather than express my own artistic pretension.

The theme in this series of drawings and prints revolves around the knot as a form and a universal symbol of human struggle and tension within our environment. These knots arise and return to their ambiguous environment, binding only themselves, drawing us to relate to our own tension.

My influences include many artists and experiences, but off the top of my head Kathe Kollwitz and Michael Mazur, are both printmakers who powerfully communicate humanity in their work.


One comment

  1. Glenna Scott

    I thoroughly enjoyed everything you have here. It was well worth my time and skills to find your page. You have grown so much in the last couple of years with your work. Very accomplished! It’s hard to believe I have had the priviledge to know this person. You are very deep and have alot to offer the world. Thanks for sticking with the program and working through the tough times. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

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